Customer-centric Culture

How to Build Customer-Centric Culture

augustus 1, 2021 admin 0

Culture is not executives talking about high level strategy. Equally, it is not your Brand Book. The language surrounding business strategy and brand management assumes a certain level of business acumen not required of every position in an organization. Strategy and branding are business management tools.

Customer obsessed

The Secret Ingredients of a CX-Led Company Culture

juni 5, 2021 admin 0

Customer experience does not live in a void controlled by the marketing teams. Context is everything, and the culture within a company and the day-to-day experience of employees have a huge influence on the kind of experience that is delivered to the final customer.

How to Build a Customer-First Culture

februari 10, 2021 admin 0

Tweet Advances in technology have made it possible to support a customer-first culture, but relying solely on the tech to drive this initiative isn’t enough. Here’s how to combine technological solutions with broader organizational changes to build a customer-first culture. Everyone has heard the old adage “The customer is always right,” and there’s a reason.