Three Trends Transforming CX In 2021

augustus 14, 2021 admin 0

In 2020, digital customer acquisition and retention strategies took a front seat to accommodate for the meteoric rise in e-commerce. As we turn our eyes to what 2021 holds, brands must increasingly rely on digital strategies to keep pace with the new business landscape.


The difference between CX and DX and why they matter in ecommerce

mei 19, 2021 admin 0

We talk a lot about CX (customer experience) and DX (digital transformation) in ecommerce, especially since the pandemic pushed retailers to focus more on digital channels and customers encountered some rocky experiences during the abrupt shift. Both CX and DX are crucial to merchant success, but digital transformation and customer experience aren’t synonymous.

Dos and don’ts for chatbots and virtual assistants

mei 10, 2021 admin 0

Despite initial hesitancy when they were first introduced, nowadays, on average, people really love their virtual assistants. So much so that, every year quite a few customers ask Amazon Alexa / Siri / Google Assistant / Cortana to marry them!