How to Reach New Customers When You Can’t Meet Them in Person

As companies have transitioned to remote work and virtual meetings during the pandemic, one common piece of wisdom has emerged: It’s much easier to transition an existing relationship to video than it is to create new ones. That’s especially true in B2B sales. Many companies have coped with this by using this time to deepen relationships with existing customers. However, sales teams should not give up on finding new customers during this period, too. This article offers tips on how to do that.

Value of Customer Experience

This episode of the Customer First podcast brings together a panel from Asia, Europe and North America to examine the true value of customer experience (CX). The panel discuss the latest customer experience trends in their regions and look at ways organizations can overcome the pitfalls to ensure a successful CX transformation journey.

Our panelists this episode are:

Julio Hernandez, Customer Advisory Practice Lead, KPMG in the United States, and Global Customer Centre of Excellence Lead, KPMG International
Aditya Rath, Partner, KPMG in India
Tim Knight, Customer Experience Leader, KPMG in the UK

Customer Journey Mapping – are ‘static’ maps a waste of time and money?

If you have ever heard me speak, or read something I have ‘penned’, you will know that I am a huge believer in the application of the ‘science’ of customer experience – an understanding of; and the ability to apply; the competencies that sit behind the profession that customer experience has become.

Exceptional Customer Experience

Boccuzzi Jr. discusses why customer service, as opposed to traditional marketing strategies, has the potential to be the greatest form of marketing for a brand. John Boccuzzi Jr. has more than 20 years’ experience as a sales, marketing and customer experience executive, with a proven track record of strategic thought leadership in both private and public companies. John most recently served as Vice President of Sales & Edible for Business for Edible Arrangements, LLC were he led a team of 5 Senior Directors and Directors and total personnel of over 100 across several key departments including: Business Gifting, Business Development & Brand Partnerships, Franchisee Support, Customer Care and Training & Development.