Staying Focused on Customer Experience

Source: Cutting Edge Strategies for Better CX with Emily Videtto – Marketing Sweats

We sat down with the CMO of Pella Windows and Doors, Emily Videtto to get her perspective on what it’s like to run a large, innovative marketing team. Her vision to be a customer centric company is clear, but their go to market strategy is more complex. Pella has a dynamic sales model where they are selling through both B2B and B2C channels, so to say Emily has a lot on her plate is an understatement. While managing digital marketing, content strategy and branding all the way to their data infrastructure, marketing automation and predictive analytics, it’s Emily’s rigor and discipline for customer experience keeps the brand focused. We hope you find her passion for what she does and the team she leads as inspiring as we did.

Failure drives better results in the future… We actually celebrated it and said, ‘Look, let’s make sure we have all the right learnings, but team, you tried something, you were nimble, you were fast.

Emily Videtto

Marketing Sweats – Cutting Edge Strategies for Better CX with Emily Videtto

A CMO with a big vision to align product, brand and customer experience talks about the importance of a clear strategy. Emily Videtto, CMO of Pella Windows and Doors, makes big waves in a historical legacy brand, helping transform it into an innovative customer centric company.

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