6 Ways to Step Up Your Customer Service

Customers are what make any business flourish and with a lack of consumer satisfaction, retention of business activities is nearly impossible. Customer satisfaction, in turn, has a major role to play in the growth and success of any organization or business as attracting customers is a one-time activity but retention is a continuous cycle that requires time, effort, and dedication.

Customer service is a necessary aspect of conducting business and with many ways to amp up their satisfaction levels, there is a lot that businesses can do to maintain their value in consumers’ minds.

Social media is your tool 

Social media is a powerful tool even when it comes to amping up customer service. Especially if yours is an online-only business model, then social media platforms are your best bet for reaching out to potential customers and effective after-sale services. Use the power of these platforms to engage with consumers, check on their demands and take feedback on their experience. 

The benefits of using social media are the sole fact that it is a faster medium of communication and that you can reach a larger number of consumers, as most use social media extensively to look for products and services. Famous platforms have also become a medium for validation as that’s where people turn to for a quick review or recommendation of any newly launched products/service in the market.

Focus on post-sale services 

Experts at the best essay writing service in the UK say that businesses put in efforts in attracting consumers to make the desired sales. The engagement tactics and tools are high when customer conversion, but most of it is lost after a sale is made. This is where most businesses go wrong, for real customer services begin only after a sale is made. 

Businesses do put in increased efforts in attracting consumers to make the desired sales. The engagement tactics and tools are high at the time of customer conversion, but most of it is lost after a sale is made. This is where most businesses go wrong, for real customer services begin only after a sale is made. 

Therefore, it is crucial to devise effective and unique after-sale services to keep a consumer hooked to the brand and provide a solution for any grievances or complaints concerning any aspect of the product/service. 

Reaching out to customers to check on their feedback and experience is the simplest and the most effective way to continue engagement. In a situation where a customer may not be satisfied with a sale, feedback is what the brand should look at to solve the issues customers face. Enquire about the product or service’s quality, feedback, and suggestions on improvement. This helps in creating high-quality offerings, as that is ultimately what drives sales and conversions. 

Provide a clear communication 

As the use of digital platforms has increased, there is a shortage of knowledge present online and that only means that today’s customer is far more aware of products/services and what to expect of them. A business can use this to its advantage by further providing key information and communicating clearly. This will help a potential consumer understand the value proposition of the brand and also provide a clear view of what they would get back as they invest in any product/service from the business. 

Devise effective communication strategies and appraise consumers of all they would receive as they make a purchase decision. If you have an extensive customer support wing, ensure that you communicate that you are the consumers. For example- if you have a return policy for a fault or unsatisfactory product, include that information piece in your communication, whether social media ads or even on your website.

Invest in existing clientele 

Your existing clientele or consumer base has already established the quality of your offerings and it is cheaper to invest in them when compared to winning more clients. For consumers who have already used or been a part of your brand have an established knowledge and inclination towards you. Make use of after-sale tactics for existing consumers to ensure repeat purchases. 

Simple yet effective activities like introducing a loyal customer program, offering discounts on repeat purchases, or even providing an edge by opening a sale designed just for existing consumers can further help strengthen profits. Invest in establishing long-standing customers and relations, as they can further be your brand advocates and referrals, bring in new business. 

Create personal experiences 

Every consumer enjoys a personal benefit or treatment and that can be achieved by creating personal experiences for them. The first way to create such an experience is by having a support staff that can engage in real-time conversations with customers or even help recommend the best-suited products and post their chats with consumers. This inclusivity will drive more consumers to try your brand’s product or service. 

Set up regular systems in place like sending recommendations, personal emails, and messages to create the desired call for action. It could also mean offering discounts and introducing loyalty programs that reach them personally via emails. However, keep in mind that not all consumers enjoy the same engagement activities and good practice could mean getting to understand their interest and then offering what will suit. 

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Introduce Self-service options 

Think from a consumer’s perspective as you are looking to establish a reputation and create an impression in their minds. Given busy schedules in this day and age, equip your customers to have a self-service option where they can easily look for solutions as they use your product or service. 

Establish a bot chat system or use artificial intelligence to provide a knowledge base that can act as a reckoner for consumers. These self-service options can work well on digital mediums and are beneficial in saving both time and effort at the buyer’s end. Not every consumer will have the time or the will to get in touch with executives or the support staff. They’d rather expect a follow-up from the seller as that also instills the confidence that the seller cares and will solve the problems they may face.


Tight competition and customer expectations are ever rising and that requires the brand to focus on delivering superior quality products and services backed by effective after-sale solutions. Prioritize consumer care and help build long-term interaction and relationships with the customers adding exponentially to the profitability and success. 

Source: 6 Ways to Step Up Your Customer Service – IMC Grupo

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