Verandering is de enige constante in het dynamische bedrijfsleven van vandaag

Zelf heb ik, in verschillende rollen -manager, product eigenaar en nu als management & change consultant- uit eerste hand de transformerende kracht gezien die effectief leiderschap heeft op organisatorische veranderingen. Met vallen en opstaan heb ik geleerd (en leer nog elke dag nieuwe dingen) welke cruciale rol leiderschap speelt bij het sturen van succesvolle verandering(en).

CX success starts with understanding employee experience

Better employee experiences make for better customer experiences. According to research from Oxford University, workers are 13 percent more productive when they are happy, which should ultimately empower them to do better work. Patrick Lencioni, the author of The Truth About Employee Engagement, believes that employees want to matter and feel that their work is having an impact on the organization.

10 Leading Indicators of Horrible CX… and How to Fix

How good is your CX? If you’re like many organizations, you may not truly know. You certainly think CX is a priority. You’ve invested in redesigning or upgrading your CX. But do you actually know how your customers feel about the CX you deliver? It’s no wonder so many of us don’t know how we’re doing—96% of customers won’t tell organizations if they’ve had a bad experience.

An Employee Experience Tool To Empower EX Excellence

The value of customer experience (CX) design and management has been well-established. And CX maturity models have been used for several years to guide, measure, and improve companies’ performance on CX. Now that businesses are waking up to EX as an equally valuable organizational competence, an EX Maturity Model is needed.