Three things fintech gets wrong about customer support

Fintech products are gaining popularity and pose real competition to traditional banking. According to the 2019 FIS PACE study, 73% of consumer banking interactions are digital. Fintech startups have already raised a record $100M in Q2 2020 and, apparently, have cracked the secret to success — better CX and personalized customer service.

How Digital Transformation Builds the Future of Call Centers

Modern customer demands soar sky-high! They need customized and quick support through every digital channel. Additionally, they want all channels to be connected well. So, call center innovation ideas to call for a unified 360-degree communication approach that simplifies customer engagement.

Opkomst banen in e-commerce en klantenservice door corona

Nederlandse werkgevers reageren op de trend van thuiswerken en thuisblijven door hierin te investeren. Dit blijkt volgens het zakelijke platform LinkedIn uit de snelle groei van het aantal banen in e-commerce en klantenservice in het afgelopen jaar. Alleen de groei in onderwijs en gezondheidszorg was groter.