8 Tips for Presenting Customer Journey Maps in a Compelling Manner

Customer Journey Mapping (or buyer’s journey mapping) is a visual-representation method that many companies use to understand the emotional journey of their customers while interacting with different touchpoints (company’s website, social media platforms, advertisements, referrals, etc.).

Using data to inform customer journey planning from a cultural perspective

Organisations have long relied heavily on behavioural data to segment their target markets. But audience segmentation and customer journey planning of the future will demand more from marketers. They’ll need to know who their audience is and what inspires them as individuals.

Startups Don’t Need More Money— They Need More Customer Insights

Startup studio Wilbur Labs surveyed more than 150 startup founders for their insights about startup failure. When asked for recommendations to prevent failure, the most common answer (given by 30% of founders) urged startups to do more research prior to launch. The advice founders indicated they would give to other aspiring entrepreneurs reflected that the research should focus on understanding customers and their needs.