Verandering is de enige constante in het dynamische bedrijfsleven van vandaag

Zelf heb ik, in verschillende rollen -manager, product eigenaar en nu als management & change consultant- uit eerste hand de transformerende kracht gezien die effectief leiderschap heeft op organisatorische veranderingen. Met vallen en opstaan heb ik geleerd (en leer nog elke dag nieuwe dingen) welke cruciale rol leiderschap speelt bij het sturen van succesvolle verandering(en).

Digital Transformation: 7 Important Questions for Your Organization

As more and more companies are adopting digital transformation owing to the significant perks it brings, it is important to be structured and goal-oriented about it. Digital transformation is not a destination that can be reached once and for all. Instead, it is an ongoing journey that demands a commitment to adhere to changing marketing dynamics and to adopt any digital disruptors that come across the way.

Should the Chief Experience Officer Cease to Exist?

Thee job of Chief Experience/Customer Officer is used interchangeably within today’s organization and their job should be to conduct all the moving parts of the organization so that they align to the customer’s benefit. They should lead the initiative to connect the customer journey to each department and oversee the initiatives to map out, design, and implement experiences that will provide customers with the most value.

Customer Experience Trends in Financial Services for 2021

Financial institutions were already undergoing tremendous changes due to market and competitive factors prior to the pandemic. Then drastic shifts in consumer behaviors during the crisis led many banks and credit unions to radically alter their customer experiences simply to deal with the extraordinary circumstances.