Vacation experiences

Guest experience: Trends, tips & Best practices for 2021

juli 17, 2021 admin 0

If businesses want guests to return, the experience has to meet their expectations. This is why “guest experience” is so important. Businesses can do this by optimizing every interaction throughout the guest’s journey; this begins by understanding their needs and how best to meet those expectations.

Roadblock in customer journey

3 roadblocks to being customer-centric

juli 15, 2021 admin 0

Developing customer-centricity requires many companies to rethink how they approach their business: Rather than seeing service flow as a straight line from their business to their customers, service delivery must be at the core. Every department and individual needs to understand their role in the CX — no matter their distance from the end-user. Ensure everything, from business modeling to revenue growth strategy, centers on the customer.