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Top 5 Customer Engagement Marketing Strategies for Entrepreneurs

Can you take a couple of minutes and think, who is the biggest asset in a business? Well, it is a customer. Research has indicated that those businesses that have the strongest omnichannel customer engagement strategy are likely to retain about 89% of their customers as against those brands that have weak customer engagement strategies.

Almost two-thirds of the profit of a company depends on effective customer engagement strategies. If you want your brand to be customer-centric it comes from various customer engagement ideas and tactics.

customer engagement ideas and tactics

Having a successful customer engagement strategy is a great method to grow your business to a larger extent. Dealing with proper customer engagement is an ideal way to set up your business on the constant growth track.

Why is Customer Engagement important?

Gallup’s research showcases that an engaged customer represents 23% more revenue than average. If you don’t have a customer engagement strategy in place, you could be missing opportunities to interact with customers and develop a relationship with them.

There is no one size fits all customer engagement method that brands across all industries can apply; however, a serious focus on empathy, clarity, and simplicity in dealings with customers should be the base for all the customer engagement activities and strategies. There are many positive customer engagement examples that can help you in molding your customer engagement strategy; major brands utilize everything from funny, responsive social media agents to personalized discounts and offerings to enhance customer loyalty and affection.

Why Businesses Need to Shift to a Customer Engagement Marketing Strategy

As an important part of customer engagement marketing, content marketing continues to grow every year, and believe it or not, numerous brands either haven’t invested in content or have just started to do it in this COVID era. As per eMarketer, about 80% of marketing professionals worldwide said they expect content-led campaigns to grow in the coming years.

When the U.S. CMOs were asked to prioritize the way they plan to spend marketing budget, 86% reported that content marketing is the most crucial part of customer engagement.

Quick tips for Customer Engagement Strategies

Top 5 Customer Engagement Marketing Strategies for Entrepreneurs

  1. Customer Reviews and Loyalty Programs

In today’s customer-centric world, customer reviews make a big difference as the customer is exposed to the access of options to choose from.

Customer Feedback highlights the real opinion of a customer who has tried a product of your brand.

The customer Reviews platform allows the customer to engage directly with the brand. According to the report, 88% of online customers consider reviews as a personal recommendation.

Customer reviews install confidence in new customers to purchase your product. On the other hand, Loyalty Member Programs are also a popular method to engage with customers. Its love for customers to get identified for their efforts that have given way to loyalty programs and membership ratings on the basis of their contribution.

2. Have a Pulse on Customer Needs

Martech Cube wants to ensure our audience succeeds with the help of our research and blogs. To be successful it is important to listen to the customers through regular surveys and provide support, as well as make sure that you understand every pulse on their requirements. Listening to and understanding your customers ultimately helps you in fulfilling your marketing goals of leveling the playing field for businesses, so you can grow and compete with the market leaders.

3. Engage Across Different Channels

Remember, agility is your friend in the game of customer engagement. Being able to react and respond to your customers across various different platforms can help you in creating a reputation of being responsive, gracious, and ready to assist at any time. But it can be time-consuming to keep up with all the moving parts if you fail to find the right tool for communication.

4. Keep a Check on Your Quiet Customers

Give the squeaky wheels a break and lookup for some of your silent customers, to thank them for their business and check if they have any concerns or challenges. There is a very high chance that these shy folks will be happy for the acknowledgment, so long as you approach in a manner that doesn’t force them to talk to someone in real life.

5. Customer Re-engagement

You can utilize third-party re-engagement tools to enhance your customer engagement. The motive is to engage with users and potential customers in real-time. This helps to boost overall revenue. Customer re-engagement also empowers brands to generate traffic on their websites and landing pages.

You can take the help of a gamified app such as spin the wheel that allows users to spin the wheel to win offers and the user has to give their email id to claim the reward.

Source: Top 5 Customer Engagement Marketing Strategies for Entrepreneurs | MarTech Cube

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