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Finding it hard staying focussed during those workdays @home? Stay Focused & Inspired using these spotify playlists.

For many people there is nothing lonelier than working from home in silence. Music works wonders for your mental health and productivity, as long as it doesn’t distract you too much during work hours. And with many of us in the workforce transitioning to a WFH-situation (work from home) staying focused and on track can prove harder than ever.

But if you’re not used to picking out music for your at-home office—whether that’s a nice desk by a window, your kitchen table, or your bed (we’ve all been there)—then knowing where to start can be overwhelming. With the endless curation of Spotify’s mood playlists, you sometimes can’t even be sure if their version of “Chill” is your idea of how that should sound. Thankfully, we’ve got plenty of  Spotify playlists you can try for a listen or two…

Music can certainly help, and the good news is that the best Spotify playlists are the ones that you get to pick. So, what playlist to use at your home office? We’ve selected five different Spotify playlists for all of you homeoffice heroes. Whether you’re a pop junkie or need something sans lyrics, there are options here for you. From atmospheric lo-fi beats, to droning binaural loops, and angelic instrumentals—find your favorite Spotify WFH playlist, below.

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1. No Lyrics

We recommend listening to symphonic music once a day, to regulate and increase the quality of the serotonin and dopamine functions. People often ask about listening to songs as well, words are processed differently by the brain and therefore release less serotine, that`s why this playlist was created.

Suitable for:  repetitive and cognitive work

No Lyrics

No Lyrics · Playlist · 84 songs

2. Concentratie – Elektro

Suitable for: cognitive work

Various studies show that listening to upbeat, electronic music without any distracting lyrics can help you focus and boosts your overall cognitive performance. So we have created three playlists for your listening pleasure. It is a very easy and cheap way of boosting your academic performance and embarking on the path towards a better future.

Concentratie – Elektro

Concentratie – Elektro · Playlist · 57 songs

Focus – Elektro

Focus – Elektro · Playlist · 187 songs · 15 likes

Nadenken – Electro Achtergrondmuziek

Nadenken – Electro Achtergrondmuziek · Playlist · 53 songs

3. Bending Iron

Suitable for:  What do you think? 😉 Amateur sport has come to a standstill and good food is there for the taking at home. How do you stay fit? Start working out!


IJZER BUIGEN (IB) · Playlist · 97 songs

4. Deep house

Suitable for:  repetitive and cognitive work

The dance floors are closed due to the corona virus, so anyone who wants to listen to electronic music will have to do so at home this year. Electronic music is not always ideal as background music, but the Electronic chill & deep house playlist does what it promises: being ‘chill’. So don’t expect drum and bass or house, but nice sound collages from Bonobo, Frits Kalkbrenner and DJ Koze, among others.

Electronic Chill & Deep House

Electronic Chill & Deep House · Playlist · 132 songs · 76.4K likes

5. Classical essentials

Suitable for:  cognitive work

The mother of all soothing genres is of course classical music. In the Spotify playlist Classical Essentials you will find, shall we say, the classics of classical music: Für Elise , Rhapsody in Blue , that work. Not a lot of craziness with this playlist, but as background music during your work, that is probably what you are looking for.

Quiet Piano Morning (QPM)

Quiet Piano Morning (QPM) · Playlist · 216 songs · 96 likes

6. Ambient chill

Suitable for:  cognitive work

Of all the playlists discussed in this article, Ambient chill comes closest to the bird noises and simulated rain showers. This playlist chill offers a pot pourri of artists who apparently all find it necessary to show nature scenes on their record sleeves. Sound-wise, this translates into long musical works full of extensive piano and synthesizer chords. It is not very creative, but ideal for those who quickly get distracted from other music.

Ambient Chill

Ambient Chill · Playlist · 502 songs · 94.3K likes

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