5 ways to improve Omnichannel CX

Feeling valued is important to 71% of customers, and time is your customers’ most precious asset. The rapid march of technology means that consumers are no longer satisfied with the traditional ‘in-person’ shopping experience. It is now expected that services offer greater flexibility across multiple platforms remotely, whilst also making the customer feel personally cared for and confident in your product and services.

Omnichannel customer experience is a useful engagement tool for your business, and it’s important to the success of your company in the long term.

The omnichannel system is made up of a series of ‘touchpoints’ where your customers can engage, disengage, and return to the exact point where they left off from a different channel.

Streamlined omnichannel systems produce loyal and satisfied customers and improved business performance.

1. Create an Omnichannel Chain that Works for Your Customers

Creating an integrated and engaging customer experience with omnichannel mechanisms is not as straightforward as you may think.

If done badly, a poorly operating omnichannel system can disrupt visitor activity and potentially lose your customers. However, designing a flexible system that utilizes existing technology and offers instant response options, will greatly improve your omnichannel platform and promote positive user engagement.

Whether you are just setting up your omnichannel system or looking to tweak your current channels, all businesses should focus on the constant improvement of customer omnichannel experiences and digital customer relations.

2. Offer Mobile and Social Media Support

It is bad for business when things go wrong, but it’s even worse if you do not have prompt and reliable support mechanisms in place where customers can easily find help.

Customers these days expect to have full access to your brand through their mobile devices, including their social media pages.

Top companies that utilize social media and maintain fast customer response times achieve higher sales revenue than those that don’t. Businesses that use social media have an average response time of 157 minutes, and those that respond in under 6 minutes make an average of twenty dollars more per customer.

Robust omnichannel customer support options across devices can result in customer retention rates of up to 91%. Customers are more understanding than you may think when something goes wrong and services are not provided as usual. Fast responses and easy access help to make the customer feel valued, and increase the level of trust they place in your business.

3. Display Live Inventories

Nothing is more frustrating for customers than discovering a desired item or product is out of stock at the last minute or receiving an out-of-stock notification after the order has been placed. Retailers today need to give their customers access to live outlet information, so they don’t waste time perusing unavailable products.

Access to real-time information about services and products is the highest priority for the online experience of 82% of customers. 27% would visit a competitor’s site if they cannot locate items easily.

Customers are happiest when they are kept up to date and informed about changes of service, and happy customers often return and generate higher sales revenue.

4. Personalize The Experience

Incorporating a personal touch into your services makes your company stand out among the rest. The digitalization of services is a practical solution for processing numerous customer requests quickly and simply, but making your customers feel like a number instead of a valued individual can have a negative impact on your brand.

Feeling valued is important to 71% of customers, and time is your customers’ most precious asset. Self-service is the new customer service, and if you make it easy for customers to find solutions on their own, it shows them that you are a company of convenience.

Ease-of-access and personalized omnichannel experiences should be the target your organization is aiming at. Especially omnichannel systems that deliver high-quality support during peak periods, at the weekend, and after hours.

5. Integrate Online and Offline Stores

Customers value flexibility. Stores that make in-person shopping a more valuable experience will see customer retention rates improve and increase their profits.

‘Click and Collect’ is a revolutionary idea that has enhanced customer experience. There is nothing better than knowing the item you need is already in store and awaiting collection. ‘Click and Collect’ reassures the customer that they will get what they need when they arrive in-store and increases the chance of them using this service again.

Customers can shop more easily and according to their needs with integrated online and offline systems. Also, offering online customers an option to ‘reserve and try in-store increases the likelihood of making a sale.

More than 52% of customers believe that convenience is more important to them than price. However, quality is also one of the leading factors that customers consider before purchasing a product.

Customers no longer have the time to visit a store weighing up all the options available to them. Allowing them to reserve items that they can later see up close, demonstrates to the customer that you value their time and are confident enough in your products to offer this service.

Wrap Up

Making sure that you have an omnichannel chain that works well for your customers and gives them easy access to your services increases the likelihood of sales success and customer growth.

Offering flexibility and allowing your customers to contact you across several different platforms increases trust. Customers are more favorable toward companies that offer convenience, and knowing that they can get a hold of your customer services department at the touch of the button instills confidence in your brand.

Live information, as well as personalized features and integrated online and offline experiences, are what the modern-day shopper has come to expect from their retailer.

Customers a likely to give up on your brand quickly if you make it difficult or confusing to access your services or browse your products. Therefore, making these services available to all and investing time and money in building a stable network of customer-friendly shopping options tells buyers that you are a business that works for them.

Incorporating all of the above components makes for a great customer experience. You will be considered a company that means business, and positive customer engagement will improve greatly.

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