Customer Journey

Don’t manage your customers’ journeys

juni 9, 2021 admin 0

Customer journeys are as individual as customers. Every customer has different needs, preferences, knowledge, information, and another way for resolving issues. In brief, everyone has a context of their own. Customer journeys are often non-linear and move across different devices. In between there very well might be some offline steps. Customer journeys are a sequence of mutual interactions or engagements towards a goal. They can, in fact, be compared to conversations, which are also not linear.


Being Customer-centric Starts With Employee Experience

juni 8, 2021 admin 0

All business units depend on the creativity, productivity and attitude employees bring to the workplace. Treating your employees like your No. 1 customer can help you improve the employee experience (EX), build a customer-centric company and capture more revenue.

Customer obsessed

The Secret Ingredients of a CX-Led Company Culture

juni 5, 2021 admin 0

Customer experience does not live in a void controlled by the marketing teams. Context is everything, and the culture within a company and the day-to-day experience of employees have a huge influence on the kind of experience that is delivered to the final customer.

CX trends

Customer Experience Trends in Financial Services for 2021

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Financial institutions were already undergoing tremendous changes due to market and competitive factors prior to the pandemic. Then drastic shifts in consumer behaviors during the crisis led many banks and credit unions to radically alter their customer experiences simply to deal with the extraordinary circumstances.

Mapping the customer journey

Journey Mapping Mistakes to Avoid

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The benefits of customer journey maps – static and living – can be transformational for both your organization and your customers. But your maps won’t lead to an increase in customer loyalty or company earnings if your journey mapping process is flawed.

Managing change

7 steps to effective CX change management

juni 2, 2021 admin 0

When transitioning to become a customer centric business, your business will encounter many challenges. Having a solid change management strategy will prevent many mishaps from becoming bigger issues.