Context and Relevance: Two Cornerstones of CX Success

juni 29, 2021 admin 0

In today’s “always-on” economy, businesses need to offer customers the best possible experience, but most marketing or engagement solutions struggle with exactly that – they were built to scale a company’s messages and send them further and wider – not to dive in deep with specific individuals, and help those people solve real-world problems.

Startup leading in cx

Startups Leading The Way With CX

juni 26, 2021 admin 0

Customer-centric startups have a competitive advantage from day one. As they grow and adapt with customers in mind, they create meaningful products, strong experiences and loyal customers.


Three Apps That Are Making Customer Experience More Inclusive

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In a recent prediction, Forrester described 2021 as the year of inclusive customer experience (CX). “We would be wise to become students of anyone who has special needs because their abilities outshine their disabilities and they bring joy and love into our environment, and that makes us all better off. And, guests have the same experience too.”


4 Customer Service Secrets You Should Steal From Amazon

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Amazon grew into the behemoth it is today in part as a result of an obsession with its customers. Many of the lessons the company learned along the way can benefit your business too, says John Rossman, a former Amazon executive. Rossman just released the third edition of The Amazon Way,a book aimed at helping business owners translate Amazon’s unique culture and management practices into usable opportunities.