How 2020 Is Shaping Customer Engagement Now And In The Future

Customer engagement. It’s a loaded concept in 2021. Why? Mostly because customers expect so much. They want to be engaged personally, on their terms, 24/7. And they don’t want it to be annoying, either. This puts new worries in front of CMOs and has brought privacy and transparency to the center of attention for companies seeking to deliver experiences at the speed of customer demand.

Customer Experience in the New Normal: Lessons Learned One Year into the Pandemic

Innovation and adaptability are inherent aspects of any robust customer experience strategy – and they have both evolved as the world underwent a significant change this past year. It’s no secret that business growth hinges on how well organizations listen to their customers and react accordingly. This lesson has been imperative in 2020.

Three things fintech gets wrong about customer support

Fintech products are gaining popularity and pose real competition to traditional banking. According to the 2019 FIS PACE study, 73% of consumer banking interactions are digital. Fintech startups have already raised a record $100M in Q2 2020 and, apparently, have cracked the secret to success — better CX and personalized customer service.

Customer Support Automation Requires Cognitive Platforms, Not Bots

With the boom of e-commerce amid pandemic, there is a dire need for consistently efficient customer support that can deal with the high volume of tickets. Early chatbots introduced five years ago aimed at coping with the problem but they failed to efficiently replicate human customer service agents.